Video technology to be trialled in FA Cup?

Next season’s FA Cup may feature video technology trials after football’s law-making body recommended that experiments take place, accoring to The Daily Mirror.

A decision will be made in March’s meeting of the International FA Board’s (IFAB) annual general meeting, but the the FA are known supporters of video technology and are expected to offer next season’s FA Cup for trials.

These would be limited to decisions on goals, red cards, penalties and cases of mistaken identity. They would involve different kinds of experiments, such as video only being used when the referee asks for assistance or in a different case where the video assistant would be allowed to flag up errors.

Unlike rugby, there would be no video referee on the big screens in stadiums. If the trials are successful, video assistants could come in for the 2018-19 season but not in time for the 2018 World Cup.

Former Arsenal and England midfielder Parlour admits to being concerned it would slow the game down.

“It can help the refs but the problem is the delays,” he told Sky Sports Now. “You can’t keep stopping and starting the game, football is a quick game and it’s not like cricket or rugby.”

“I think it would definitely help the game on the key decisions. Goal-line technology has definitely helped the game and made a difference to whether teams are successful or not.”

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