Top 10 best football tweets from February 9

If you missed out on your daily dose of football trivia on Twitter, then this is a perfect place for you to catch up on the highlights. We take a look at the ten most interesting football tweets from February 9, 2016.

1. Murica!

2. We know the times are hard, but this will definitely warm the hearts of Man Utd fans

3. This is going viral. The ticket-pricing issue very delicately explained by a Liverpool fan.

4. Been there, done that!

5. Everyone loves a good underdog story!

6. It hurts, but it’s true.

7. Arsenal’s Mathieu Flamini tackling his son

8. Dele Alli saying Hi to the bear.

9. If one of them was Diego Costa, he would have rolled around ten times on the pitch.

10. Boring James Milner on the romance of the FA Cup.

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