Bundesliga club signs Englishman as…official FIFA player

Do you regularly dream about playing for your favourite team? But the only place where you can decently hit a ball is on your console while playing EA Sports’ FIFA?

Well, maybe there is hope for you in the future. Bundesliga club Wolfsburg have just signed David Bytheway as their official FIFA player, who will wear the number 53.

As part of his contract with the club, the Englishman will wear the club’s jersey while participating in FIFA tournaments all over the world and he will also have to wear the jersey while doing his online shows.

The 22-year old Wolverhampton native has represented England at the FIFA Interactive World Cup and has travelled all over the world while participating in numerous gaming tournaments.

Bytheway will not have to move his base to Germany following the deal, and he will be living in Wolverhampton in the future.

He also believes that this deal will start a trend in the world of football and other professional clubs will soon follow the trend started by Wolfsburg.

“It’s absolutely massive for me the fact that a team like Wolfsburg have got involved with gaming,” he told the BBC.

“It was just something I was doing at home to start with, just playing my friends and wanting to be the best out of them, and all of a sudden I’m a part of a football club.

“I wouldn’t mind [training with them], but at the moment, I’m still living in sunny Wolverhampton.

“I wouldn’t call it a training schedule, but I always try to get in at least four to six games in a day.

“You don’t want to play too many people because then you give away your secrets,” Bytheway said. “So you stick between one or two and then you have to wait for them to come online.

“Right now this move is not exactly historic, but in five-year time when we look back at this, we’ll think, ‘Wow they really started something here’.”

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