Manchester United and Liverpool have smallest proportion of local fans

A recent poll conducted by YouGov has shed light on the local fan bases of the Premier League clubs.

The poll, which was compiled based on the data from over 37,000 football fans, has revealed that Manchester United and Liverpool have the least proportion of the local fans.

It showed that less than 30 per cent of fans of both clubs live in North West. South East is the second most popular address of the fans of both clubs.

Following United and Liverpool, Tottenham also features low on the list. Spurs have only 25 per cent of their fans living in London.

Arsenal are one place higher than Tottenham, with 33 per cent of the Gunners fans living in London. The lowest five is completed by another London club: Chelsea.

Crystal Palace is the top London club with local support, as 40 per cent of their fan base lives in England’s capital.

Manchester United’s cross-town rivals Manchester City have a much better local support with 52 per cent of their fans living in North West.

Meanwhile, Swansea and Stoke City have the highest percentage of local fans. 76 per cent of Swansea fans live in Wales while 74 per cent of Stoke fans live in West Midlands.

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