Marseille write weird article to introduce Steven Fletcher to their fans

Steven Fletcher joined Ligue 1 giants Olympique Marseille on a loan move from Sunderland, but we’re not sure the French side are really happy about their new player.

On the club’s website, the 28-year-old got a ‘warm welcome’.

“He will not leave you unmoved. He will not go unnoticed. Marseille has added a Scotsman to the mix. And if you know anything about the mentality of that people, you’ll know that’s good news.”

Considering how many Scottish players have altered football clubs’ faiths over the past few season, that doesn’t really sound like a real compliment.

Marseille also brings other ‘good news’, saying the club wanted a central striker and, as expected, got one during the winter transfer market, with the club hailing Fletcher’s first steps in France as signs of a very professional demeanor.

They even stated they loved him, saying he also has a bold look, meaning he’s a fighter, and that soon, they will not be alone loving the Sunderland loanee.

According to Marseille, Fletcher’s playing style “seduced” Burnley to get him from Hibernian back in 2009 and although he is not known as a technical player, “he is 1.85m tall and has a habit of threatening opposing defenses with an imposing physique.”

Really? That’s what makes your new striker special, him being 1.85m tall? Interesting!

After reading through the entire article, we’re still not sure Marseille really like Fletcher. They must do, as they approached Sunderland for a loan deal.

But his presentation is so weird and funny to read that it’s almost too good to believe…

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