Twitter account reveals behind-the-scenes power struggle at Manchester United

The current managerial situation at Manchester United is certainly a confusing one.

No one really knows how long Louis van Gaal is going to last in his job. The Dutchman’s contract with the club ends in the summer of 2017, but he is widely expected to depart from the club before the start of the next season.

The appointment of next manager is another question that looms large over the club and its fans. Some reports have suggested that Jose Mourinho has already agreed to take over the club while some suggest that no such agreement is in place.

Some reports claim that Ryan Giggs could take over the club while some claim that the Welshman might walk away if United appoints Mourinho as their manager.

There are many questions out there, but no seems to have any definite answers. Well, besides the Twitter account Red Issue.

The above mentioned Twitter account has shed light on an interesting behind-the-scenes power struggle which might shape the club’s future for the coming years.

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