Premier League owns European top five on penalty kick success

Scoring a penalty kick is not so easy as it looks. Just ask Lionel Messi, who has missed four of eight opportunities from the spot this season. However, the Premier League in general rocks the table in this regard.

Using the database of Transfermarkt, we were able to collect the statistics about the penalty success rate in the top five European football leagues: Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Primera Division, and Ligue 1.

The 20 clubs in the English top flight have been awarded 66 penalty kicks so far. Only ten were missed, as 56 were converted successfully. Resulting in a success rate of 84.8 per cent.

The Bundesliga and Serie A are second and third respectively. The German clubs have been awarded 73 penalty kicks, hitting 80.8 per cent of them. The Italian clubs have a success rate of 80.4 per cent, while being awarded 87 so far this season.

The clubs in Ligue 1 have been awarded just 65 penalty kicks, the least of the bunch. They have hit 76.9 per cent of them. Meanwhile, the Primera Division has seen 74 penalty kicks, but the Spanish clubs have been able to hit just 51 of those, resulting in a success rate at 68.9 per cent.

Remarkably, La Liga leaders Barcelona are the worst of them all. Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar have hit just seven of their 15 attempts from the spot this season…

In the Premier League, Leicester have been awarded the most penalty kicks with ten, hitting eight, while five teams have been awarded five: Manchester City, Tottenham, Swansea, Stoke and Watford. Only the Citizens weren’t able to hit them all, missing three so far.

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