Top 10 transfer profits in football history

In essence, a football club works like a business. Making profits is almost as important as winning trophies, because profits are often the first lead to success.

Profits can be made in a bunch of ways: ticket sales, apparel sales, stadium revenue, TV rights… But the most simple way to put money in a club’s pocket is selling a player with a profit.

Therefore, we took a look at Transfermarkt in order to rank the top ten transfer profits in football history.

Remarkably, Real Madrid occupy the first five spots as they handed Tottenham the biggest profit ever for Gareth Bale, Manchester United the second one for Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus the third one for Zinedine Zidane, Barcelona the fourth one for Luis Figo and AC Milan the fifth one for Ricardo Kaka.

Liverpool registered the sixth highest profit in football history when they sold Luis Suarez to Barcelona, while Napoli is ranked seventh for selling Edinson Cavani to PSG.

Manchester City payed £55.5 million for Kevin De Bruyne to Wolfsburg, providing the Bundesliga club with a £39 million profit. Hernan Crespo’s sale from Parma to Lazio is ranked ninth, while Anthony Martial’s transfer from Monaco to Manchester United closes this list at ten.


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