Manchester United lead top 10 most profitable football teams (by a mile)

Manchester United are about to finish their third consecutive disappointing Premier League season, with the Red Devils probably unable to reach the Champions League.

However, the Old Trafford club still tops the list of the world’s most profitable football teams according to Forbes. That is in the sense of earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization and player trading.

During the 2014/2015 season, using June 2015 exchange rates, United made a £132 million profit, leading second-placed Real Madrid by a total of £20 million, as the Spanish giants earned £112 million.

The next three clubs are all Premier League ones, with Manchester City coming in third with a £91 million profit. Arsenal took in £85 million, while Liverpool took in £80 million.

Tottenham are ranked eight in this list, earning a £51 million profit. The Spurs are ranked behind Barcelona and Juventus, who took in £75 million and £56 million respectively.

Two German clubs fill out the top ten. Schalke 04 surprisingly beat champions Bayern Munich when it comes to making profits. Schalke took in £46 million, while Bayern took on “only” £41 million.

The top 10:

1. Manchester United – £132 million

2. Real Madrid – £112 million

3. Manchester City – £91 million

4. Arsenal – £85 million

5. Liverpool – £80 million

6. Barcelona – £75 million

7. Juventus – £56 million

8. Tottenham – £51 million

9. Schalke – £46 million

10. Bayern Munich –  £41 million

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