Arsenal star has the highest brand value in the Premier League

Arsenal star Mesut Ozil has the highest brand value in Premier League, according to brand analytics group Brandtix (via Sky Sports), who also valued Manchester United as one of the biggest brands in football.

The German international, with an index value of 587, features above Wayne Rooney (530) and Sergio Aguero (497) on the list, which was created after taking Opta’s on-pitch statistics, social media reach, and social sentiment into consideration.

Ozil’s huge following on social media platforms was the main reason behind his position in the list. He has 47.4 million followers on social media, as compared to Rooney’s 44.4 million.

However, the top-half of the list is dominated by football players from Real Madrid and Barcelona. Ozil is the only Premier League player in the top ten. Real star Cristiano Ronaldo leads the list while Barcelona duo Neymar and Lionel Messi occupy the next two spots.

Here is the full top ten:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo 587
2. Neymar 530
3. Lionel Messi 497
4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic 468
5. Luis Suarez 464
6. Mesut Ozil 464
7. James Rodriguez 460
8. Andres Iniesta 447
9. Gareth Bale 446
10. Iker Casillas 444

Here are the top five players from the Premier League:

1. Mesut Ozil 587
2. Wayne Rooney 530
3. Sergio Aguero 497
4. David de Gea 468
5. Cesc Fabregas 464

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