Fans can’t believe rumours about Bastian Schweinsteiger’s next destination

Bastian Schweinsteiger has attracted a lot of attention in media recently because of his current situation at Manchester United.

The German international, who joined United last summer, has been totally sidelined by Jose Mourinho following his arrival. The Portuguese manager has clearly stated that the 32-year-old doesn’t feature in his future plans. It is widely expected that the 2012 World Cup winner will join a new club this summer, with a number of destinations being touted.

The latest rumours have thrown the name of Celtic into the mix and football fans aren’t able to grasp the thought of Schweinsteiger plying his trade at Celtic Park week in and week out. However, there is a catch – the player
will only join Celtic if they qualify for Champions League.

Everything started with the following tweets:

Now, it should be pointed out that ‘Schweinsteiger’ translates to pig farmer or pig handler, which is what the account behind the tweets is hinting at with ‘pigsick’.

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