Premier League clubs won’t have to worry about the Champions League coefficient anymore

UEFA is considering a change in the current format of the premier club competition Champions League, reports ESPN FC.

In the current format, only top three European leagues have three guaranteed spots in the group stage and one spot in the final qualifying round. The Premier League currently occupies the third spot in the coefficient ranking and is involved in a battle with Serie A, who are placed fourth, for the elusive third spot. La Liga and Bundesliga occupy the first two spots in the ranking.

However, with the new format the top four European leagues will be awarded four guaranteed spots in the group stage of the competition. This proposal, along with others, will be discussed at UEFA Congress in Athens on September 14 and 15. Any possible change is likely to be introduced in next three-year cycle of UEFA club competitions from 2018.

It seems that this move is an attempt on UEFA’s part to please the leading clubs in the major European leagues. UEFA is currently trying to diffuse the threat of a breakaway Super League by major European leagues.

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