BetBurger: arbitrage betting scanner

Arb scanners greatly facilitate and simplify the work of arbers. They automatically scan a quantity of bookmaker lines, eliminating the need to spend a lot of time and efforts to search for arbs manually.

BetBurger service is considered as one of the best arb scanners. It established in 2012 and has already gained popularity among a large number of arbers. In the meantime, service is used more than 25 thousands players.

The features and benefits
BetBurger stands out among other scanners lots of unique arbs. The odds are collected on a large number of markets: “total”, “draw”, “outcomes” and so on. Scanned sports more than 20, and bookmakers exceed 100. In addition to arb service there are also middles search and odds comparison option in different bookies.

An important advantage of the scanner is the lack of “loading” odds caused by a plurality of bets. Thereby, its users less visible for the bookmakers.

With all the above benefits, the cost of using the service is quite affordable. There are 3 subscription plans, one of which is free.

The interface and functionality
All BetBurger interface elements are arranged so as to work with them easy and comfortable. On one screen is placed quite a lot of arbs simultaneously, which is very convenient.
Above the list of arbs located the calculator that allows you to quickly calculate everything and place a bet. The calculator has many useful features: automatic search of similar odds, accounting option, which allows to keep records of bets and control flows of funds, filter by markets.

The user panel placed on the left side of the screen, which can be used to perform all required settings. In particular it is possible to change the scale of the workspace, depending on the size of the display, choose the type of sorting: age, percentage, start time of the event, ROI. Moreover, the user panel allows you to activate sound or text alert of new arbs, select the number of displayed arbs: from 10 to 50.

In addition, it is possible to customize the display of arbs with 2 or 3way outcomes as well as display the arbs when the events on break (this option is especially useful for players on Live).

BetBurger arb scanner is constantly being improved: new features, bookmakers and sports are added. The developers always listen to users, so if you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to write to customer support. It is very convenient that the service operates directly from browser, hence there is no need to install additional programs on your computer.

The site of the arb scanner:

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