Why are betting markets not backing Arsenal and Tottenham?

With seven games in to the new season, the landscape of the Premier League betting markets has changed a lot from what it was at the start of the season.

At the onset of the season, most of the best-rated betting websites had backed the Manchester clubs and Chelsea to fight it out for the league title. However, the situation has changed quite a bit since then.

Manchester City are still favourites to lift the title, but the likes of United and Chelsea don’t feature in the top three and, in some websites, in top four candidates to lift the title.

However, what’s surprising is that Liverpool are currently the second favourites to lift the title ahead of North London teams Arsenal and Tottenham. The Reds have definitely made an impressing start to the new season, but the same can be said about both the North London clubs.

Spurs are actually the only remaining unbeaten side in the league, and their dominating 2-0 triumph over City last weekend only proved that they are well capable of challenging any side in the league. Currently, they sit second in the table just one point behind City.

Similarly, Arsenal have registered some impressive results in the recent weeks. The Gunners’ 3-0 win over Chelsea was a perfect display of free-flowing attacking football while their 1-0 win Burnley showed grit and determination we often talked about in football. The Gunners are undefeated in all competitions since their opening day 4-3 defeat to Liverpool. And one has to keep in mind that the likes of Laurent Koscielny, Shkodran Mustafi and Mesut Ozil were not present in Arsene Wenger’s squad on the opening day of the season.

So, what does make Liverpool, who finished eighth last season, a better contender than both North London clubs, who finished in top three, to win the league title in May?

Maybe it has to with the reputations both North London teams have earned over the years. Both Arsenal and Tottenham are each other’s fiercest rivals, but they do share a similar reputation among football fans.

Over the years, both sides have become synonymous with ‘chokers’. They have captured their fans’ imaginations with their free-flowing attacking football only to disappoint them time and time again. Last season was a perfect illustration of what I am talking about here. Both teams were involved in the title race at one time or the other and, in the end, both faltered when it mattered most.

Once again, both sides have started the new season brilliantly, but the betting markets are confident both of them will falter once again.

Another factor that’s going in Liverpool’s favour is the fact that the Reds don’t have European football to worry about this season and they can focus entirely on the league race.

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