Arsenal legend Parlour plays a ‘shocking’ game of Blackjack

Arsenal great Ray Parlour left many in awe during his long and illustrious career with the Gunners. However, the ‘The Romford Pele’ cut out a helpless figure earlier this year and was left in ‘shock’ when he took on former TOWIE and Celebrity Big Brother star Amy Childs in a unique, but interesting, game of ‘Electric Blackjack’. The event was hosted by online casino specialists 888casino.

Parlour experienced very different fortunes to Childs (1)

Blackjack master John Scanlon (of Aspers Casino), trained both celebrities in the essentials of the game.  They further enhanced their knowledge of the game through Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide of 888casino.

Following their lessons, both celebrities entered an unusual setting for a game of Blackjack. Both of them were made to sit on chairs, fitted with electric pads. Scanlon controlled the switch in the background and always appeared eager to shock the players when they make a mistake in the game.

Parlour receives one of his many electric shocks

Parlour, who talked about his blackjack skills in his recently published autobiography, was left in a literal state of shock on more than one occasion.

Amy Childs, who recently announced her pregnancy, consistently outperformed the Gunners legend. We only have one advice for Parlour – stick to a football pitch.

Parlour took on Amy Childs before her recently announced pregnancy

You can check out the video of the game between Ray Parlour and Amy Childs below:

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