Dimitri Payet: Hero to Zero Within a Week

If you are an avid football follower, you would have already heard the news of Dimitri Payet putting his foot down with West Ham because he wants to leave the club, as a lot of fans have shared their unhappiness of his desire to leave. With that being said, a lot of fans don’t mind the fact players want to leave their beloved clubs, as they always expect it, but the way in which Dimitri Payet has handled his desire to leave is despicable.

This is a player who last season helped West Ham to an astonishing 7th place finish in the Premier League, just 4 points off a spot in the top 4, thanks to some of his wonder goals which some fans even labelled him as a hero. Where has it all gone wrong for West Ham and Dimitri Payet? What needs to be done to ensure players have no right to act this way in the future? Below we’ll have a look at some of the points to consider.

What Has Gone Wrong for Dimitri Payet?

It’s quite clear Dimitri Payet is no longer happy at West Ham, but what has gone so wrong for him in England that has made him so disrespectful to a club that has helped him become the star he is? Could it be the fact that he is now a player that numerous clubs want? Or could it be the fact West Ham aren’t doing very well this season and are only sitting a few places above the drop zone? Whatever has gone wrong for Dimitri Payet we may never know, but regardless, there is no reason to act so disrespectfully to the club that made him who he is.

What Can West Ham Do?

West Ham can’t really do a lot in this position other than to quickly offload Dimitri to Marseille which is his chosen destination. West Ham could quite easily fine him for not turning up to training and refusing to play, and they could also just let him sit on the bench every week which would eventually ruin his career, but doing any of that is not good for the atmosphere of the dressing room, and that will eventually bring out the worst in West Ham on the pitch.

Should They Bring New Laws into the Game?

It’s not just Dimitri Payet that has refused to play for his club; there have been numerous players that have done exactly the same to get them a move elsewhere but should the Premier League, and Football Association have a look at this situation and come up with new laws to prevent this from happening again in the future?

What Laws Should Be Brought In?

The FA & Premier League need to do something about this, but due to player contracts, there isn’t a great deal they can do other than implement club rules. All clubs need to have a rule in player contracts that if they refuse to play, they can be sacked and the contract be terminated.

It’s quite obvious football players are well protected by their agents and contracts, which is why something needs to be done by the League and Football Association to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Football players that act this way aren’t being good role models to the millions of younger fans that watch them play every week, and seeing as they get paid thousands to play football, it’s surprising that some of them can be so disrespectful. If you think Payet will leave for Marseille sooner rather than later and you are thinking about betting on it, have a look at some of the promotions on Free Bets that will give you a better chance of winning more money.

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