Manchester City In Trouble Over Anti-Doping Regulations, Charged By The FA

After registering a thumping 5-0 victory over Hammers earlier this week, Manchester City seemed to be recuperating only for the Football Association to drop an Anti-Doping bomb at Etihad.

City have been charged by The FA over regulations concerning ‘Club Whereabouts Information’. This breach of the code of conduct does not revolve around an individual at the club but the entire club as a whole.

The FA statement read, “Manchester City have been charged in relation to The FA’s Rules on Anti-Doping. It is alleged the club failed to ensure that their ‘Club Whereabouts’ information was accurate, contrary to Regulation 14(d). City have until 19 January 2017 to respond to the charge.

That information is required to include:

(i) Training dates

(ii) Start and finish times of training

(iii) The address at which such training will take place

(iv) The home address for a Player and any other address at which a Player regularly resides overnight.

Going by the laws, It will also be a breach of this Regulation 14 by the Club if the information contained in such reports is either initially inaccurate or has not been updated by the Club.

It is understood by The Daily Mail that the Citizens were found to have breached this code of conduct on three separate occasions, thereby triggering the charge.

City are yet to comment on this situation. However, they have until 19 January 2017 to respond to the charge.


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