The Premier League Golden Boot – Contenders

It’s January again. Being the first month of the year makes it auspicious enough, but this month has a special meaning for fans of football around the world. It stands for the time of the year when the Premier League begins the second half of its season. August to December serve to pick out the metaphorical sheep from amongst the wolves. By January, the true title contenders have been recognised.

Amidst the cacophony of noises created by the big teams vying for the title, a subdued game of attrition goes on behind the scenes. That of the Premier League Golden Boot.

For those who enjoy the thrill of high stakes, we present the top five contenders for the Golden Boot this year. Head over to  for a list of the best bookies around and place a stake.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic @3/1

The Manchester United hitman probably offers the most value on this list. In spite of his team’s struggles this season, he has found the back of the net an amazing 14 times this season. Zlatan has produced the goods everywhere he’s been, winning multiple Golden Boots along the way. Strong and deceptively quick for a supposedly ageing 35-year-old, the Swede has a penchant for scoring incredible goals out of nowhere. Worth the punt.

Harry Kane @3/1

Second, on our list and with due cause, the Tottenham talisman has a reputation for starting his seasons at a snail’s pace. After being out for close to two months, he’s come back to bring his tally for the season to 13. The 23-year-old is the current holder of the award, and he came excruciatingly close the year before. He’ll be looking to hold on to it this year.

Diego Costa @9/2

The Spain international currently leads the pack, along with Ibrahimovic and Sanchez. He has scored 14 goals this season and doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon. He should, by all means, be first on the bookmakers’ list but recent fracas regarding a potential move away to China may have dampened his odds.

Sergio Aguero @6/1

Another high-value option on this list. Aguero has gained a reputation for being injured for half the season and coming back to score an insane number of goals. He’s no stranger to this race, being himself a winner in 2014/2015. It may not look like it, but the Argentine has already scored 12 goals this season and will definitely have a say in the race if he can keep himself fit for the rest of the season.

Alexis Sanchez @7/1

The anomaly on this list, this winger has found an amazing form for Arsenal since he was moved to a more central role. He’s scored 14 goals—same as Ibrahimovic and Costa—and offers the highest risk to reward ratio on this list. Considering Arsenal’s reputation for crumbling around this time of the year, Sanchez’ position on this list makes sense. Still worth a shot, though.

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