Griezmann to Manchester United hinted by player’s ‘image advisor’

Antoine Griezmann’s image advisor Sébastien Bellencontre, in an excerpt in the Frenchman by So Foot published this morning, has fanned the flames of the Griezmann to Manchester United transfer.

When questioned about the meteoric rise of the player’s brand, he had this to say.

“Beckham because he’s [Griezmann’s] idol, but also because I want to make him a fashion icon that goes beyond his football career. Zidane for the French DNA, simplicity, family values, and loyalty too. We want Antoine to finish his career with Puma, for example.”

“When I read articles about a hypothetical transfer to Manchester United, I’ve got to say it would be
the ideal scenario marketing wise. He would play in Beckham’s club, his idol, with the same number seven on his back.”

Griezmann’s brother, Theo Griezmann, is a well-known United fan who has been known to troll the United fanbase with vague tweets hinting at a transfer, and the player himself has come out to express his love of United legend David Beckham, citing him as the source of inspiration for his long-sleeved shirts.

While a transfer to Manchester would definitely be one of the biggest in recent years, perhaps even more high-profile than that of Paul Pogba last summer, the fact remains that it remains untenable. Atletico Madrid are facing a transfer ban and would not be willing to let their best player leave at a time when they cannot buy replacements. Unless, of course, Griezmann chooses to leave, in which case his release clause—said to be in the region of €100M—will have to be met.

No matter what happens, this saga promises to be one worth keeping an eye on, for the United fans, at least.


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