Liverpool Succumbs to its Fifth Defeat as Klopp Tries to Stop the Bleeding

Liverpool fans aren’t exactly happy with the way things are going as of late, thanks to its fifth defeat in the Premier League. The latest defeat, which happened on Monday night, now has everyone looking not just at the team but also Jurgen Klopp. What makes these defeats sting even more is the fact all of them have come at the hands of clubs that are in the bottom half of the standings table.

What’s Going On?

While it would make sense that the other top clubs would be giving Liverpool a run for their money, it seems the opposite is true here. Their record is stellar when you stack Liverpool up against both of the Manchester clubs, Tottenham, Arsenal, and Chelsea. Where Liverpool is having issues is with the bottom teams.

Let’s take for example the loss against Burnley at Turf Moor in mid-August. What made the loss even more perplexing was the fact the Reds were just coming off from a win in their opening weekend against Arsenal. A loss at Turf Moor was definitely not expected. Looking back now this loss may have in fact been a great indicator of what was to come in the rest of the season.

The losses continued with a match against Bournemouth at the beginning of December. Up until that point the Reds were going strong with 11 straight wins under the belt. Bournemouth not only managed to defeat them, but came from being down in the game.

This brings us to the loss in January against Swansea City. By the time this match took place on Jan. 21, the Reds still hadn’t won a game in January. Once again, the Reds failed to produce and ended up losing.

This brings us to a very tough February for the club where they had not one but two big defeats. One was against Hull City and the other against Leicester City (the Monday night match).

These defeats have left many in a tailspin and looking for answers. Team “hero” Didi Hamann has spoken out on the matter. Hamann recently told PaddyPower that he believed Jurgen Klopp was struggling because of “the physicality and intensity” of football in England.

Work Off the Nervous Energy

For fans of Liverpool who are looking for a way to work off their nervous energy and hope the team shapes up, you may want to take up a hobby that can act as a distraction. Online bingo is one way to go. Thanks to a survey, it has been shown that this game’s popularity is on the rise. By playing it online right here you can enjoy it anytime you like, and take your mind off other things – such as the state of the Reds at this moment.

Better Days to Come?

As Klopp continues to look for ways to stop the bleeding and find the solution to the Reds recent defeats, there is one thing for certain and that’s the fact that the season isn’t yet over. There is still time to turn things around.


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