Cristiano Ronaldo to Win His 5th Ballon D’or

There is always this fight between the fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and those of Lionel Messi about who is greater and better than the other. One thing many football enthusiasts fail to understand is that no player is completely better than the other. There are some abilities that define each football player. Because of the many skills involved in the game of football, one player may be completely good in what another cannot do. In that case, each of them are good in their own ways.

However, the former FIFA Ballon D’or award, which has split to Ballon D’or only is still the yardstick for measuring the best footballer in the world every year. This award has been shared between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for the past 8 years, with Messi winning four in a row and another one, and Ronaldo winning the remaining four. But the odds are greatly in favour of Cristiano Ronaldo to pick his fifth award next year, to match the record set by Messi. Despite glaring online football betting tips favouring Ronaldo, this could still be argued by some football fans. Given the form of the two, the results being shipped in by the two clubs in the Champions League, the La Liga, and other indices, it is easy to conclude that Cristiano Ronaldo will still nip the award come January 2018.

Club Performances
The number one index considered when the Ballon D’or winner is being chosen is the performance of the club he is playing in and his contributions to that. As much as people are made to believe that this supersedes the individual performance, this may not be true. But whether it is considered at all is not debatable. So, on that level, for Real Madrid that has gotten to the semi-final of the Uefa Champions League, and will be looking to play the finals since they have one leg on it already and can even win the trophy, Cristiano is better placed for the award. Coming to the La Liga while the two teams are having the same number of points, Madrid has a match in hand. It is most likely that they will win their remaining games and go ahead to lift the trophy. If this happens, as against Barcelona who is only sure of the cup – no doubt Ronaldo will be in the front line for the award.

Individual Performances
On individual performance angle, Ronaldo also trumps Messi this season. We may wish to look at the records he keeps breaking in the Uefa Champions League even when Messi is out of it. In fact, presently it’s all about Ronaldo. Having broken the Champions League 100 goals record that he set, to get to 103 goals, with possible 2 matches to go this season while Messi is still at 97 goals, it is something amazing on his side. With this type of record, no one will vote against him for individual honours. While Messi has one more goal in the Champions League this season, he can always catch up in the remaining fixture/s. With his amazing 8 goals in 3 Champions League games, many people will look Ronaldo’s way when it comes to individual strides. In the league, while Messi has more goals than Ronaldo, the only thing that could sway the result in his favour is if Barcelona manages to win the La Liga. But at the moment, the trophy is closer to real Madrid than it is to Barcelona.

International Career
When it comes to their international career, we have to remember that the euro 2016, which Cristiano Ronaldo ended up winning with Portugal. And the Copa America, which Messi could not win with Argentina were among the deciders of last season’s award in favour of Cristiano. There are no international tournaments of such significance this year. But the qualifiers for the world cup and other international friendlies will be considered. On that angle, while Messi has scored only 3 goals for his country in 4 games this year, Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 9 goals in 4 games for Portugal. Though the two nations are set to qualify for the world cup, Ronaldo has had more impact on his national team.

The decider of this year’s Ballon D’or will be the Champions League and the La Liga, and on these two trophies, Cristiano has a better claim.

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