New Sobakov footwear continues Adidas dominance of terrace footwear

The latest in terrace footwear is upon us, and as in previous years, Adidas are the frontrunners in authentic football culture trainers.

The new Sobakov line, available in black and white versions, takes aspects off the pitch and onto the street, and will be the next must buy for Adidas footwear enthusiasts, who have cemented their well-earned status among football fans over the last 5-10 years.

The new release is called Sobakov, and is actually a mix of two Russian words, fittingly seeing as Russia gave us the World Cup this year. The word Volk, meaning Wolf, and Sobaka, meaning dog, are intended to portray territorial animals who act in packs, mirroring the collegial approach of fans on the terraces.

The brand new Adidas Sobakov range is out now at Mainline Menswear, grab a pair before they run out.

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