Do Tottenham Stick or Twist?

The conclusion of the World Cup was just a few days ago, but there is no rest for the wicked as the prospect of the 2018/19 Premier League season looms large. The first ball will be kicked on Saturday August 11thas Newcastle take on Tottenham at St James Park, however before the campaign gets underway there will be something of a sense of urgency in the preparations of English clubs.

The reason being is that the domestic transfer window no longer closes at the end of August, instead it shuts two days before the start of the season. Meaning that clubs such as Tottenham face a race to do the business that they require.

To make matters all the more confusing, Premier League clubs can still sell playersto clubs outside of England until the end of the month so there is perhaps the prospect of Spurs starting the campaign and then losing players to foreign shores.

Questions remain as to the long-term futures of the likes of Toby Alderweireld and Moussa Dembele with the Belgian pair long since been reported as looking at playing next season elsewhere. Although the two players have slightly differing reasons in which to do so.

In the case of the former it seems as if money has long since been a stumbling block, with the former Southampton defender believing his performances in Tottenham colours have been worthy of an increased wage.

While in the case of the latter, it is now felt that unfortunately the cut and thrust of the English top flight is too much for Dembele to deal with on a weekly basis. There is absolutely no denying his talents, but perhaps in the final few years of his career he will be better suited to a move abroad.

Should either one or both leave in the next few weeks then it leaves Tottenham with undoubtedly two large holes to fill, the question that needs to be asked though is whether they become pro-active or re-active in the transfer market?

The problem that they seem to have is that on paper their first eleven is one of the best in the country, when we consider that Manchester City are seemingly light years ahead of everyone right now then Tottenham are competing to be the best of the rest.

Something that they have done well during the past three seasons with a trio of top three finishes to their name, that is all very good but unfortunately this creates something of a problem when trying to add new signings to their squad.

The outlook of anyone being linked with Tottenham is that they have to ask themselves “am I going to get regular first team football”, something that has been a real burden when trying to buy a forward due to emergence of Harry Kane’s talents over the past few years.

Hence the club have to almost buy players that are prepared to sit on the bench and play only when required. Names such as Clinton N’Jie, Georges Kevin Nkoudou or Fernando Llorente seem to fit this remit perfectly.

The same can also be said for Vincent Janssen who was purchased two years ago with a view to be the able understudy to Harry Kane, unfortunately for all the promise that was expected he fell well short of the mark.

Therefore, if Tottenham cannot buy players that are for all intents and purposes understudies then maybe they need to buy big and with the keys to the new stadium being delivered soon what better time in which to do so.

Although they have been at the sharper end of the Premier League over the past few years then cannot afford to stand still otherwise they will get left behind, perhaps the train of thought should be improving the squad through quality and not quantity.

Tottenham fans are already unhappy before the start of the season due to the rise in season ticket prices so what better time to placate them by going in for a marquee name which would herald a new era at the club.

Unfortunately, this could be wishful thinking due to the cost of building their new home, we know all too well about how Arsenal struggled to balance the booksonce they moved into the Emirates and the fear is that there will be a similar issue in the white half of North London.

That said Tottenham should have some money to spend this Summer and that is before any potential sales, so maybe there needs to be a statement of intent from Daniel Levy in this Summer transfer window.

The players that have got Tottenham to the position that are in now have been incredibly loyal servants over the past few seasons, but at the same time perhaps manager Mauricio Pochettino needs to show a ruthless streak.

If that means putting his loyalty to this current crop of one players to one side then so be it, especially if it means getting a true marquee signing into the club during the next few weeks. As to who that would be though your guess is as good as mine.

That is not to say that they are not capable of signing a truly world class player, especially with Champions League football being played under the floodlights of their new stadium this Winter. That should be enough of a pull in itself.

But more importantly if Tottenham are to have multiple seasons in Europe’s top club competition then they need to make sure that they do business and more importantly do it correctly. Failure to do so will see the momentum that has been built up over the past few years come to a halt.

There is perhaps not cause for concern just yet but with every day that passes without a new arrival then the tensions among Tottenham fans increases. This could well be an important crossroads for the club, one that Daniel Levy needs to make sure he navigates in the right direction.

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