José Mourinho says Manchester City’s TV series shows they lack class

José Mourinho has criticised Manchester City over their new documentary All or Nothing, accusing the club of lacking class and respect.

“If you are a rich club you can buy all the top players but you cannot buy class,” the Manchester United manager said.

“I haven’t seen the movie [sic] but I know a few things about it and that is my first reaction.”

City’s TV series is now showing on Amazon and it significantly features the United manager, even including footage of Mourinho discussing why Kevin De Bruyne was sold during their time together at Chelsea.

“I am in the movie so much I think I could ask for some royalties,” Mourinho said.

“Perhaps without me it would not sell as much, I don’t know, but if City send me one of the shirts they had in the tunnel when we played there last, the ones that were saying: ‘We did it on derby day,’ then I will give up about the royalties.”

That is a reference to the Manchester derby last April, when City were poised to clinch the title with a win against United at the Etihad, only to surrender a two-goal lead and lose the game 3-2 when Paul Pogba inspired a fightback.

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