Jürgen Klopp says Liverpool are like Rocky Balboa, not Ivan Drago

Jürgen Klopp has likened Liverpool to Rocky Balboa on the basis they must work and compete harder than any of their rivals to win the Premier League title.

The Liverpool manager, a huge fan of the Rocky films, said: “We are still Rocky Balboa, not Ivan Drago.”

The analogy was not that Liverpool are underdogs, he later explained, but that they must be prepared to sacrifice everything to end the club’s current 28-year wait for a 19th league championship.

“It’s not about being the underdog, not one little bit,” said Klopp. “I don’t want to be the underdog. I want to win, and Rocky won. Now [people say] we have the best tools of all? It’s not true. City were a fantastic team last year and they brought in [Riyad] Mahrez. Tottenham were a fantastic team and they also finished ahead of us. They didn’t bring in anybody but they are still a fantastic team who will develop.”

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