Man Utd to miss out on Premier League top 4 – says supercomputer

Paul Pogba

Technology is a great thing when it works. The advent of smartphones and, of course, the emergence of the internet have allowed us to surround ourselves with football in every nook and cranny of our lives. We can find out exactly what has gone on within the corridors at our club with just a few taps of the thumb, or a few clicks of a mouse. Football and technology seem made to go hand-in-hand as both evolve and develop over the course of months and years. One of the most famous pieces of technology in the sport, of course, long since pre-dated VAR and has been a source of continuous interest for just about every fan of any club in the game. That technology, of course, is the renowned “super computer”. Having a history of making predictions with impressive accuracy, the lack of 100% accuracy is offset by an impressed pursing of the cheeks and a respectful nod – “pretty good”. More than helpful enough to help put a winning bet on at BettingInstitute.

Well, the famous machine has been churning through the latest influx of data and cranking out its updated predictions for this season now we have had four matches to assess and re-evaluate our favourite club. While the initial reckonings of the wise old memory banks may already seem fairly far-fetched – it had predicted West Ham would finish eighth after a good summer transfer window, while in reality they are yet to get their first point on the board – the longer the campaign goes, the closer it tends to hit the mark. Sadly, it still doesn’t not read good news for Cardiff fans, who could be set to prop the rest of the table up and ensuring a quickfire return to the Championship. Huddersfield and West Ham are the two teams it reckons will be joining them. In the case of the Hammers, it is predicting an 18th place finish – so by the looks of things the season will improve, but only marginally.

Moving up the table, Cardiff’s fellow new boys Wolves and Fulham look good bets to enjoy better campaigns back in the Premier League, with 12th predicted for Wolves and 14th for the Cottagers. Southampton look like the most consistent Premier League team, with 17th place being their fancied destination to match last season. Nearer the higher end of the table, the super computer is making the bold prediction that Man City will retain the Premier League in a shock twist (said no-one, ever) with Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool set to finish second. Tottenham and Chelsea round off the top four, with another Europa League campaign looming for Man Utd.

Of course, this is all to be taken with a pinch of salt at such an early stage of the season, but the regular updates are always worth keeping an eye on. There could be a perspective not previously considered in the predictions, or at the very least it could indicate that your side may just finish a place or two higher than your rivals. Incidentally, it has foreseen that Middlesbrough will win the Championship and Leeds will join them in promotion to the Premier League as runners-up, while the playoffs could be carried out by West Brom, Brentford, Derby County and Swansea City. The wonders of technology – awe-inspiring and wonderful. When it works.

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