No top 4 finish for Arsenal according to the bookies

Arsenal currently sit seventh in the Premier League table after a turbulent start to this season’s campaign. Despite the Gunners only being three points behind Watford in fourth place and having three straight wins, the bookies are already ruling out a top 4 finish.

Sure, it kicked off quite badly, with losses to Man City and Chelsea in the two first games. But since then, Arsenal have beaten West Ham at home and claimed two strong away wins against the likes of Cardiff and Newcastle. Yet, the odds for Arsenal, both to win the league and to finish top 4, have increased.

  • Arsenal to win (before season started): 25/1
  • Arsenal to win (current): 87/1


  • Arsenal to finish top 4 (before): 9/5
  • Arsenal to finish top 4 (current): 2/1

So, why is this the case?

There are a number of reasons for odds to fluctuate, even if the results have been largely expected. Of course, it has to do with the betting market and their expectations of Arsenals future performance. That is, in reality, what drives the odds; not unlike the stock market. But why has the market turned its back to the Gunners?

No win has been convincing

Although Arsenal has shown a lot of determination and resolve to grind out these three wins, none of them have been a walk in the park. They are yet to keep a clean sheet, and have conceded nine goals in the five fixtures they’ve played so far. Compare this to Liverpool (2), Chelsea (4) and Manchester City (3) and it is easy to understand the market’s willingness to back these teams.

Impressive underdogs

If you take a quick look at the Premier League table you’ll see that there are already two surprise teams in the top 5. Both Watford and Bournemouth have an impressive record and look like they can do enough to keep challenging for a spot just below the top teams. If you also include Wolves, the tier 2-teams are looking stronger than they have for some time. Of course, the more teams that are in the mix, the less likely it is that Arsenal will secure a top 4 finish.

Is there any value in betting on Arsenal at this moment in time?

This weekend, Arsenal take on Everton, with ex-Gunner Theo Walcott looking for a winning return to the Emirates. This will be a really important test for this Arsenal team, since it is the first time this season they play a team considered just below them in terms of quality. The odds for the game are heavily in favour of the Gunners, and if you want to place a bet on the game, check out BetBlazers for betting tips and analysis before making any hasty decisions.

Arsenal have looked quite impressive at times, and there are some positive signs that Unai Emery is beginning to turn things around. Remember this is still a team with the likes of Özil, Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan in their ranks. If all the stars align then Arsenal still have the quality in their squad to turn things around.

If you are looking to bet on Arsenal, be sure to compare the best bookmakers to ensure you find the best odds available.

Written by: Jacob Ljunggren


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