5 Trends in football for the 2020s

Women’s football

We’ll see an increase in the popularity of women’s football, as the infrastructure for women’s teams improves. Rich clubs like Man City provide top of the range facilities and the level of the game, along with it’s popularity, will soar. Young girls especially will embrace women’s football like never before, as parents push them in that direction to learn off positive female role models.

Emergence of English managers

The old generation of English managers are viewed as behind the times, and unwilling to embrace the technicalities and tactics of their foreign colleagues. However in the 2020s we see the new breed of English managers getting success, those who have played their whole careers under Europe’s best coaches, bring together all they have learned to really put English bosses on a par with those abroad. The likes of Frank Lampard, John Terry and Michael Carrick lead the changing tide.

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Kits go marketing orientated

Football kits will change more than they used to, as clubs target different world markets for their kits. We’ve already seen Juventus switch to half and half, apparently for the US market, where clubs will also follow stylistic trends from the US. Meanwhile more kits will use Red to target the Chinese market, as well as light blue for the booming Indian market.

Return of Serie A

The Italian league will have a resurgence in popularity and success. Infrastructural improvements by foreign owners, already in progress with Inter and their Chinese owners Suning, Milan and Roma with their American owners, will continue. Owning their own stadiums makes the clubs more financially secure and able to bring in top players. Success brings in significant television money from abroad, and the league moves on a par with the Premier League and La Liga.

The football app

The internet boom has seen social media explode, but despite many attempts, no one has managed to create a football social media app that disrupts the market significantly. That is until the 2020s, when television rights holders, already needing to move into catering for people using devices instead of televisions, use their footage within a free social media app, exchanging content for your private details, much like Facebook.

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