Best Football Matches in History and Something about Native Casinos

Selecting the best football matches is always more difficult than choosing, for example, the fastest Lamborghini cars. This is really a difficult task because most of the assessments are based on aesthetics, which is a subjective indicator. Nevertheless, our journalists have managed to find several objective criteria for the rating compilation.

#1 – Portugal – North Korea 5: 3 (World Championship, 1966)

North Korea is not the most famous football team. Nevertheless, it made an impressive breakthrough on the world stage by winning the Italian team in the group round and then scoring 3 goals in the Portuguese gates in the quarterfinals of the world championship. If you have ever watched this match and do not want to miss out any important happenings of this kind, then it is time for you to check live dealer casinos that industry experts have prepared for you. The platform covers all the most interesting information not only for bettors but also for ordinary sports fans. 

#2 – Argentina – England 2: 1 (World Championship, 1986)

It was this match which opened the legend of Argentine football Diego Armando Maradona to the world audience. After the first half of the game without scoring a goal, Diego managed to score two of the most famous goals of his career.

#3 – Manchester United – Bavaria 2: 1 (Champions League, 1999)

It was the unforgettable final with Manchester United and Bavaria competing in the 1998/99 season when 90,000 spectators who came to the Camp Nou that evening witnessing a terrific game. The Germans took the lead in the 6th minute of the match; in the second half of the game, they could completely decide the outcome of the confrontation, bringing the final score to 3:0.

#4 – Real Madrid – Atletico 4: 1 (Champions League, 2014)

One of the most recent matches of our top, which also took place in the framework of the most prestigious club tournament in Europe, is the match between Real Madrid and Atletico. In the Champions League final of the 2013/14 season, two Madrid clubs were competing.

#5 – France – Portugal 2: 1 (European Championship, 2000)

In 2000, two of the world’s best footballers, Zinedine Zidane and Luis Figo, took part in an unforgettable semi-final at the European Championships. The match was held on the fields of Belgium and the Netherlands. It was Zinedine Zidane to decide the outcome of the confrontation – he scored the “golden goal” from the penalty spot in the 117th minute. By taking the responsibility to execute a penalty at the end of extra time and realizing it, Zidane proved to the world that he is the greatest player of his generation.

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