Should You Be Using a Dedicated Sportsbook or a Casino to Place Wagers?

There are two kinds of bookies available for online and mobile gamblers. First of all, there are sites offering multiple platforms such as casino, sportsbook and poker, for example.

Another kind is a sportsbook that is focused on betting only. It has no casino games or bingo rooms to offer a variety of entertainment for the players.

The question is: what kind of a gambling site is better for placing wagers on sports?

Arguments for a Dedicated Sportsbook

Are you only going to place bets on sports matches or other events? If that’s the case, it sounds logical to stick to dedicated sportsbooks.

The thing is, these sites only focus on this single thing, so they have better chances to ensure good quality. They can invest all their resources and time into developing this platform alone.

Those who try to manage five different platforms, however, are less likely to focus on sports betting. Though, of course, it also greatly depends on the extent of resources the operator has in the first place.

Anyway, the arguments for playing at a bookie site with no other services are:

  • More effort and time spent to provide high-quality service
  • Possibly more bonuses and promotions, which change more regularly
  • Constant support and updating of the software
  • More markets available and new betting options being added occasionally

The downside is that if you want to keep your options open, such sites won’t be suitable for you. The simple fact that you won’t be able to play some slots or table gamesfor a change will deter many potential players.

Arguments for a Casino

Casinos with sportsbooks have different advantages than brands that offer no betting platform. They combine all the game types under one roof. So, you only need one accountand can use the same balance for many things.

This includes wagering on sports matches, spinning slots or even playing poker or online lottery. This highly depends on each brand and its services. 

Another thing is that there are many more casinos with sportsbooks than stand-alone mobile bookies. So, the advantages of a multi-purpose site over bare a sportsbook are:

  • Many more sites to choose from
  • More types of entertainment for a change
  • Popular sites with many players, as most top brands offer both platforms

In fact, very few online bookies offer no casino games at all. You’ll find that lists of top mobile betting sites, such as those at, are indeed casino brands as well as sportsbooks. So, you won’t even have a choice at most times.

Our Conclusion

Most players will stick to casinos for placing bets on their favourite teams or athletes. The thing is, it’s pretty difficult to find a dedicated platform these days.

However, if you find one such site and are absolutely sure that other casino software won’t interest you – join it. Alternatively, you can always play at several sites– one for casino and another for sportsbook.

You’ll want to have access to several brands when looking for the best betting odds, anyway. In the end, though, it’s a personal choice based on individual preferences.

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