The Best Beards in Football

Beards have always been a massive tool in men’s fashion armoury. The same holds true for football superstars. While beards are not everyone’s thing, there have been many footballers who have rocked some beautiful beards on the pitch. 

Here are some of the best beards from the world of men’s football:

David Beckham

It’s almost impossible to not mention the former English footballer in any list that combines football and fashion. In fact, if you search on internet, you would find multiple best David Beckham beards list articles. During his heydays, Beckham constantly made news because of his fashion choices, not all of which were great. However, it would be difficult to find an instance when he wronged a beard.

Andrea Pirlo 

It was only later in his career that the Italian discovered the magnificence of a nice crop of facial hair. And it was no surprise that he arguably witnessed the best phase of his professional career with a beard.  

The midfield mastermind was fondly called as the bearded genius by the fans. In our opinion, the Italian is a perfect example of a positive difference a beard can make, and no doubt has caused a clamour of enthusiasts to get a beard transplant in Turkey and match the great man himself. 

Olivier Giroud

The Frenchman is a handsome man, with or without beard. However, a beard definitely increases his handsomeness by a notch.

For obvious reasons, he was called Handsome French Bastard (HFB for short) by Arsenal fans. He currently plays for Chelsea and there are many Arsenal fans who misses his handsomeness in a red and white jersey.

Undoubtedly, the 32-year-old is one of the most handsome football players to rock a beard.

Alisson Becker

The Brazilian hasn’t been in Premier League for long, but he has already made a big impact on and off the pitch. On the pitch, he led Liverpool to another Champions League this year. At the same time, he has been sporting a devilishly full beard and winning lots of hearts off the pitch. 

He has only just arrived in Liverpool, so Premier League fans can expect to see this handsome fellow for years to come.

Alexandre Lacazette 

The Arsenal star has become a fan favourite in his two years with the North London club. We decided to pick he Frenchman in his list because we believe he has one of the most underappreciated beards in football. He looks sexy in a beard, and he definitely has dance moves to go with it.

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