Dream Team: The Most Handsome Footballers

Football is the most popular sport in the world, with an army of fans among not only male but also female population. So, who are the main dreamboats that constantly appear in the ratings of the most handsome men on the planet? Take a look at our top 5 selection.

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#1 - Neymar (27 years)

The Brazilian striker of Paris Saint-Germain is the most expensive footballer in history. His move from Barcelona to PSG cost $222 million to the later. On his Instagram account, there are nearly 95 million followers interested in the life of the footballer. It is difficult to imagine how many declarations of love he receives every day. It is only an extraordinary and beautiful girl who can interest such a guy. 

#2 -Sergio Aguero (31 years)

The Argentine striker of Manchester City is recognized as the top scorer of the English Premier League, and you can use this great betfred promo code if you think he can repeat the achievement this year too. The good news for the female audience is that Sergio is divorced and has no girlfriend right now. The bad news is that he doesn’t seem to need a relationship at the moment. Sergio is well-known for running around; he was married to the daughter of Diego Maradona, but the family life wasn’t too long.

#3 -Paulo Dybala (25 years)

Paulo Dybala is the Argentine football player, striker of the Italian club Juventus, a three-time champion of Italy, and the finalist of the UEFA Champions League. Unusual for Argentinians, Paulo owes his name and appearance of his grandmother — she is Italian, while his grandfather is from Poland. Paulo is one of the most talented and famous footballers today. It is the death of his father what was the main motivation for such a brilliant career. In his youth, Paulo’s father played football as well, but without success. After his death, the boy decided to turn his father’s dream into reality. In 2015, when Paulo scored the first goal in his career, teammates rushed to congratulate the young man on his debut. But to the surprise of the fans, the striker burst into tears. In an interview after the game, Paulo explained that he recalled his father and that he was the main reason for all his achievements. 

#4 - Benoit Costil (32 years old)

The handsome French goalkeeper of the Bordeaux club was born in Caen and played for the local team there. He is considered a brilliant goalkeeper taking into account his physical form and talent. So it is no wonder that Benoit is one of the highest-paid football players. 

#5 - Andre Silva (24 years)

The Portuguese striker of Milan, Andre Silva loves dogs and his family. The white-toothed blonde is not only good-looking but also very smart — he holds a degree in chemistry. In one of his interviews, Andre said that he would do everything to help his team win the game. And this is actually what he always does when on the field.

Beauty & Talent

Of course, it is not a beauty and physical attraction that makes us love a particular sportsman. We admire footballers for their talent, skills, achievements, and their ability to act as mindful team players. Only in this case, they can appear in all the different ratings and win the love of the multi-million audience.

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