7 Tips To Win Big On Football Bets In 2019

While we are already well into the year, the 2019 sports betting season continues to draw in the crowds with football still being the number one favoured match sports to bet on in the UK. Take a look at these free bet offers UKif you are interested in betting this weekend.

If lady luck hasn’t been on your side, then there is still time to up your game and make a few wins before the ball drops in 2020 (no pun intended). To help you make a winning bet, we have gathered a list of the top 7 tips that will help you to improve your chance of walking away a winner.

Here’s our advice in no particular order:

1. Keep A Record

Keeping a record of your bets will help you to analyse your losses and your wins. This information will come in handy each time you place a bet because you will have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t

2. Change Between Bookmakers

With hundreds upon thousands of bookmakers to choose from, this task is easy. We recommend that you always continue to shop around for new bookies. Many often run promotions and it is also good practice to compare the odds (sometimes they can differ considerably between different markets). 

3. Stay Impartial

While you may have your teams that are close to your heart, when it comes to placing bets you need to stick with what your head is telling you. Avoid placing bets based on emotions or on a whim. Instead, do your research and make an informed decision with each wager. 

4. Know Football Inside Out

This might go without saying, but many punters are not serious sports fans at all – or their passion might lie in a sport other than football. To make a bet that can beat the odds, then you should know the sport you are betting on inside and out. From knowing the players and their skills to which position they are in and who their current team manager is, every little detail counts. 

5. Know Your Markets

Apart from knowing the game of football inside and out, you also need to know the different types of betting markets available. With online betting, these markets might seem never ending. With some good research, however, you will find markets that you prefer. The more trust you have in the markets you choose, the better chances you have of winning a big pay-out. 

6. Take the Small Wins

It’s OK to be a little fish in a large pond and if this means that you need to take small wins at first, then so be it! A win is a win and each win you do make is one step closer to an even bigger win!

7. Start Matched Betting

Last but not least, if you do want to win BIG, then matched betting is the answer. Matched betting can be slightly complicated but once you have a firm grasp on the ropes, then its smooth sailing. Matched betting is a way to guarantee a profit. 

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