FIFA 20: What Can Football Fans Expect?

Over the years there have been many sports related video games and mobile apps that have been released. One of the most popular football games out there is FIFA that has been releasing titles since 1993. From FIFA International Soccer to FIFA 20, EA Sports have published a FIFA game every single year for football fans to enjoy. With FIFA 20 set to be released this September, will this game perform as well as all of the others?

Football fans around the world have been able to play FIFA games on a variety of platforms including Xbox, Playstation, and even mobile. Football games have always attracted a huge crowd as players can customise their football team and choose which players that want to use. If football fans prefer to manage a team rather than play, the new FIFA 20 career mode in the upcoming FIFA game allows you to create and customise your manager, manage your team, and even experience interactive press conferences. The career mode feature allows your decisions to have an impact on your team’s performance and morale. 

For fans of popular football tournaments like the English Premier League, the German Bundesliga etc. playing football games can help you experience more of your favourite sport. Rather than playing a match yourself or catching up on the results on TV, fans can enjoy their favourite sport with a variety of football video games. For those wanting to experience other types of football games that are not on console, there are also a wide range of UK online slots and mobile games available to play too. Although FIFA is one of the most popular and well-known football games, there are others out there for gamera to experience. Games like Football Manager and Pro Evolution Soccer are just some titles that are in competition with FIFA.  Pro Evolution has had a long rivalry with FIFA since the 1990s. 

Year after year, game companies continue to work on improving gameplay for players. Football fans from around the world can test out their gaming skills and football manager skills with new and improved games that deliver a great gameplay experience. FIFA appears to get better and better every year and intrigues players with new features, gameplay options, and players to choose for their teams. Set to be released later this month, players can experience the new FIFA game on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4. With over 30 official leagues to choose from and a variety of clubs to pick, players will have plenty to experience with this new game. 

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