How to Show Your Love for Football

Following a football team can be a full-time job. A fan’s job is to support its team no matter what the result of the game is. But how can you show your team support the whole season? Here are a few ideas for football fanatics like yourself.

See Your Team Play

It can be difficult to go and see your favourite football team play if you don’t live local to their home stadium. But for those who do live locally, investing in a season ticket is the perfect way to show your support for the team you love. Fans do a lot of waiting for matches, watching and reading what their teams are up to and following the stars of the team on social media. They even find the time and money to travel to away games to show support. 

Make a Game More Exciting

There are plenty of ways to make watching a game more exciting. Most people head to the pub with other fans, have a drink and celebrate with their friends or family when their team score. Or you could ask people round to your house, supply some food and drink and chat while watching. 

To make the game more exciting you could try betting. You can find expert tips from that will make your betting experience so much easier and 90 minutes of football even better. With free or paid access to choose from, you can get amazing betting tips at the click of a button. From single, double, accumulators and the £20 to £1000 challenge, it’s the perfect way to add some excitement to a game. They even have monthly round-ups and results updated daily on the website. Whether you want previews, predictions or betting guides, you’ll find amazing tips to make every game more interesting. 

Get a Tattoo

As crazy as it sounds, more and more fans like to take a little piece of their team with them wherever they go – on their skin. Footballers are known for having tattoos themselves, and football fans like to imitate them and come up with innovative designs. 

A study which uncovered new research from the University of Oxford has shown that fans often feel incredibly passionate about their team even if it is languishing at the bottom of the league. They discovered that intense experiences such as crucial wins and losses shared with other fans can help bind themselves more tightly to one another and their club. Perceived as ‘self-shaping’ experiences, it seems they become embedded in their psyche, and their own personal identity fuses with that of their club. It also increases their loyalty to the club too.

Research suggests negative experiences like relegations are just as important as feelings of euphoria when a team wins a game or trophy. The most recent story about the fate of Bolton and Bury has made the headlines and shown how the fans feel about their team. Leicester city is also a great example of how fans feel such an affinity for the club. Together the fans and club have been on a journey where for years the team didn’t get results, and then they ended up winning the Premiership in 2016.   

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