Top 5 Sites Where You Can Follow the English Premier League

The Premier League is now the most-watched sports of all time worldwide. There are about 4.7 billion people who are following this. It is broadcasted in 212 territories and 643 million homes. Its popularity helped it gain revenue of around 5.65 billion euros with the 2018-2019 season.

For this year’s season, the Premier League is in partnership with Nielsen Sports for them to know how well they are doing when it comes to viewership. Nielsen found that this league’s programming rose 11 percent or to 1.35 billion.

The result from Nielsen is only an estimate for the standard in-home viewing. The numbers they came up with still doesn’t include the viewers who are not home or people who use their mobile devices to stream the matches.

Surely, many premier league bettors nowadays would turn to stream the English Premier League online to make sure that their viewing is uninterrupted and is real-time every time a match is on. Fortunately for this league’s fans, there are many websites where you can follow the results of each game.

Whether you want to stream the Premier League or not, here are the top 5 sites where you can follow the whole Premier League.

  • Pick8

Fan of the EPL and having your own Fantasy Football team? Pick8 has what you need. Here, you can follow the English Premier League and even the Chinese Super League. This website also has the latest news that matter a lot to football fans.

Pick8 also offers fantasy football fans the best tournaments to follow and immerse themselves into. You can play this with both of your favorite English and Chinese super leagues. This also keeps you updated of the latest scores and results of the premier league matches. The best thing about this is that you can join Pick8 for free. 

  • First Row Sports

With its mostly grayscale interface, FirstRow Sports is a great website where you can check the matches scheduled and also watch them live through streaming during the event. This is a website that doesn’t make things complicated and it’s very easy to use.

Aside from football, you can also follow basketball, boxing, ice hockey, rugby, tennis, motorsport and other sports here. You can check live scores and choose to watch the matches on HQ. Since the website is direct to the point, it doesn’t take long to load up. 

This site is free to us and so you should expect that there could be random popping ads from time to time.

  • Feed2All

You may find this looking a bit similar to the first website on our list. Feed2All’s main colors are also black and gray, but you can still tell the difference between the two. As soon as you log in to this website, you can immediately see the scheduled matches for the next few days.

You can follow other sport here too like basketball, rugby, ice hockey, golf, baseball, handball, cricket, darts, the Olympics, and many more. The scheduled matches that you see on its homepage are adjusted according to the time zone you are in.

The quality of the stream on this website is great too, however, you may find the ads on the homepage a bit annoying. Random clicks on this site can sometimes lead you to a different site.

  • Watch ESPN

If you’re someone looking to not just stream and watch live matches, Watch ESPN may be a great find for you. Here you can see the scheduled matches or events on the top of the website. The homepage also lets you see the latest news and updates about many sports team.

Aside from football, you can also follow the NBA, NFL, Cricket, Rugby, and many other sports on this site. You can check the live score and watch the replays and highlights of your favorite recent matches. What’s cool is that you can also subscribe to the website to make sure you’re always updated about the matches.

  • Sky Sports

A bit similar to Watch ESPN is SKY Sports as here, you can also stream or watch football matches and at the same time read articles, news, and updates about many sports. Sky Sports gives you the option to watch multiple live streaming channels.

What you may notice is that you can’t immediately see the schedule of upcoming matches, and so you might have to go elsewhere for that. Other sports that you can follow here are Formula 1, Rugby League, Boxing, and many more. 

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