Can Inter Truly Challenge for the Italian Serie A Title?

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Everyone expected another easy title for Juventus before the start of the Serie A season. The reigning champions have been so dominant in the past close a decade that it’s almost boring to watch the competition.

And yet, two teams have dared to challenge Juventus this year. Both Lazio and Inter have stayed close to the tempo of the favorites so far.

In fact, Inter was leading the way for several rounds but looks like losing some steam recently. The side drew way too many games, including the last one against Cagliari at home when Radja Nainggolan’s strike was enough for the visitors to snatch a point.

The recent slump of form begs the question if Inter can truly challenge Juventus for the Scudetto this year.

Reasons Why Inter Can Challenge for the Title

Let’s start with the reasons why Inter can challenge for the title and the first one is the team’s consistency. The club only lost once in Serie A since the start of the season and has managed to get results even when it hasn’t been playing well.

Inter has a solid attack and the best defense in the competition. The side can win points relying on both on certain occasions and such flexibility is crucial.

On top of that, Inter is actively looking to strengthen the squad. Ashley Young already made his debut and looked strong against Cagliari. He even provided the assist for the goal of Martinez.

Victor Moses is here too and Christian Eriksen should be coming too. Olivier Giroud is another player that might arrive, so Inter should be stronger for the second part of the season.

All of these offensive players should provide more weapons up front and draws like the one against Cagliari could very well turn into victories.

The club has an experienced manager like Antonio Conte who has won the league multiple times already which is another advantage.

Finally, Juventus looks vulnerable at times. The reigning champions are still the best team in the country but the gap is not as big as it used to be. A couple of wrong steps, an unfortunate injury and other small margins could open the door to Inter.

Reasons Why Inter Will Struggle

There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic but Inter has plenty of problems too. The first of them is the lack of goals at certain moments.

Even the last match against Cagliari shows that. The visitors scored one of their few chances and that was enough for a draw. If Inter found the net two or three times, there was no way Cagliari was getting something from this clash.

The same can be said about several other ties earlier in the season. Inter has six draws which is simply too much. If you want the title, you need to turn those into wins.

The club is trying to fix the issue with the January transfers which brings me to the next point. Inter is trying to sign too many players for my taste and this could backfire.

Sure, the squad is shorter than what Juventus has but there are harmony and cohesion right now. Bringing too many new players could disrupt the established rhythm, as they might need time to adapt.


All things considered, I believe that Inter will push Juventus to the limit but the reigning champions will stay firm to lift the trophy once again at the end of the campaign. They simply have too many world-class players and strength in depth compared to the competition.

That’s the reason why Juventus is leading the league with 51 points from 21 games, even without playing the best football recently.

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