Can Liverpool Surpass the Record of Arsenal’s Invincibles?

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool Players

Liverpool went unbeaten in the English Premier League for a full year last night, after winning against Sheffield United by 2-0 at home. The last time the Reds tasted defeat came at the start of 2019 and the team hasn’t lost in 37 EPL games since.

Inevitably, such a streak begs the question if Liverpool can match or even surpass Arsenal’s record of 49 consecutive games without a defeat. The Gunners even went unbeaten for a full campaign in 2003-2004 under Arsene Wenger, earning the nickname the Invincibles.

Jurgen Klopp has claimed several times that he is not interested in the record, but it certainly plays with his mind. The German and his players would love to add such a historical achievement to a season that seems poised to bring the side the EPL crown for the first time in more than 30 years.

In order to surpass the Invincibles, Liverpool has to win or draw the next 13 games in the English Premier League. Obviously, the quality of the team is there. The defense is strong, the attack is efficient, and the Reds are the favorites against anyone.

However, the competition is strong and there are plenty of teams that could beat Liverpool. One mistake at the back, some bad luck and it could go wrong within 90 minutes.

That’s why the schedule plays a key role in Liverpool’s quest for immortality. Here are the next 13 EPL matches of the team:

Liverpool’s Games Left to Beat the Record

  • Tottenham (Away)
  • Manchester United (Home)
  • Wolverhampton (Away)
  • West Ham (Away)
  • Southampton (Home)
  • Norwich City (Away)
  • West Ham (Home)
  • Watford (Away)
  • Bournemouth (Home)
  • Everton (Away)
  • Crystal Palace (Home)
  • Manchester City (Away)
  • Aston Villa (Home)

You can instantly see several games that look easy, in the sense that Liverpool should be able to avoid defeat, even if the side underperforms. The list includes the matches against West Ham home and away, Southampton, Norwich, Watford, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace, and Aston Villa.

The probability of a loss is minor, so let’s assume that the Reds will win or tie all of them. That leaves us with five key clashes that will decide the fate of the record.

Unfortunately for the team, four of them are away from home. The visits to Tottenham, Wolverhampton, and Everton will be all tricky. The Reds are certainly the favorites to win but one mistake could turn the tide.

The derby against Manchester United is from the same category. The home advantage should boost Liverpool’s chances, but let’s not forget that the Red Devils are the only team that took points from the league leaders.

In other words, there are four games in which Liverpool should earn at least a point but could lose. That already reduces the chances of the side to catch Arsenal’s Invincibles significantly and there’s one last hurdle that deserves special attention.

Even if Liverpool wins the next 11 games and is only one match shy of tying the record, the team will have to face the reigning champions Manchester City away from home. This arguably is the only EPL clash in which Liverpool won’t be the favorite.

Let’s not forget that Pep Guardiola will have the opportunity to improve his defense in the January transfer window. The reigning champions should be stronger the next time they face Liverpool and will have the home advantage.


While Liverpool certainly seems capable of breaking the record for most consecutive unbeaten games in the English Premier League, the team still has a lot of work to do. There are several tough away matches, including a visit to Pep’s Manchester City.

A wrong step somewhere along the way seems likely and yet, it would be madness to completely write Liverpool off.

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