What Paul Pogba’s Latest Injury Means for Manchester United and the Player Himself

Paul Pogba Manchester United

Just a week ago, it looked like Paul Pogba will return permanently for Manchester United. The French midfielder played against Newcastle on Boxing Day but he is injured again.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer expressed his disappointment by sharing that Pogba will need to undergo a surgery and will be out for at least several more weeks.

The star’s future was uncertain even before that and it seems even more complicated. There were rumors that he will leave Manchester United in January but doesn’t seem likely right now.

Most teams are unlikely to invest a lot of money for a players that has been out for long and Pogba probably won’t be a valuable asset this season.

He should be part of the Red Devils squad by the summer and a decision about his future will be made then. The performance of the team could have a crucial role.

According to the player’s agent Mino Raiola, the heart of Pogba is still in Manchester. However, the lack of Champions League football and the interest by some of the top clubs in Europe might change his mind. For now, though, Pogba should focus on getting fit and returning to action.

Manchester United certainly needs more quality in the middle of the park and the Frenchman can deliver. The question is if the Red Devils can afford to wait for him.

The January transfer window is now open and it will be by the end of the month. If Solskjaer decides to gamble and rely on Pogba’s return, that could ruin the whole season and cost the club Champions League football.

On the other hand, buying new players in the middle of the campaign is usually costly. No club wants to sell and the Red Devils will be forced to pay a ton of money for a good midfielder.

It’s a tricky spot for the board and the manager. The expectations are that they are willing to sign another midfielder but there are no clear indications of a specific name at the moment.

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