Will the Spurs Supporters Back Jose Mourinho’s Style?

Jose Mourinho and the Tottenham Hotspur Logo

The appointment of Jose Mourinho as a Spurs manager was unexpected and brought plenty of questions. Many thought that the Special One is not a good fit for Tottenham because of his previous experience.

One of the biggest concerns was related to his style. Mourinho is known for his negative approach to big games. For a while, the Spurs supporters forgot that, as the team was relying mostly on its attack in the first couple of games after his arrival.

There was a change in the style of the team but it wasn’t that obvious and the Spurs did try to stay positive in most matches. That’s when the 1-0 defeat against Liverpool happened and the doubts returned.

A Peek at the Future?

The match against the Reds was the archetypal Mourinho performance. The Spurs employed predominantly negative tactics and hoped for an error by the opposition.

Few could blame them for such an approach against one of the best sides in the history of the league and the strategy almost worked later on when Tottenham had several good chances to earn a point.

However, the Spurs supporters were used to a completely different brand of football under Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentinian built a team that could go toe-to-toe with the best in the world and was not afraid to attack any opponent.

That seems highly unlikely under Jose Mourinho and the fans will surely witness more and more games like the one against Liverpool in the near future. That’s how the Portuguese manager earned all of his trophies and there’s little reason to believe he will change now.

Will the Fans Support Jose?

The whole situation raises the question if the Spurs fans will support Jose and his approach to the game of football. The club has rarely been among the best in England or Europe but all strong moments in the history of Tottenham have come with a touch of magic.

The best Spurs teams have always played with attacking intent and have excited not only their own supporters but the neutral fans of the sport.

That’s part of the team’s DNA and Pochettino knew it. That’s one of the reason the Argentinians was so beloved. Jose won’t be able to win the supporters in the same way, but there’s another path for him.

For all of his success at the helm, Pochettino failed to deliver a trophy. If Jose Mourinho can somehow bring silverware to the club, he might win the supporters. I’m sure that’s a deal that suits the Portuguese.

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