Is Bruno Fernandes Paul Pogba’s Replacement at Manchester United?

Bruno Fernandes Paul Pogba Manchester United

Everybody is talking about Bruno Fernandes after his bright start at Manchester United. The Portuguese midfielder looks ready to play at the top level and brings a lot to the table. He scored his first goal for the Red Devils against Watford and looked like the real deal.

Fernandes won his third Man of the Match award and the supporters love his contributions on the pitch. Most of them can’t wait to see him play alongside Paul Pogba which made me think if the Portuguese has come to form a partnership with the Frenchman or to replace him.

The more I think of it, the more I believe it’s the latter. Let’s see why.

Splashing the Cash in January

The Fernandes transfer was the biggest in the January window and a massive investment by Manchester United. The club was eager to get the midfielder and splashed the cash which is not something you do for temporary measures.

Fernandes is here to stay and he could be one of the cornerstones of the squad in the near future. In fact, the ambition showed by the Red Devils suggests that he is central to their plans and that doesn’t make sense if they were counting on keeping Pogba.

The team has plenty of strong attacking players and some young talents in the middle but lack talent in other areas. If Pogba was going to stay, Manchester United would’ve probably invested in a defender, a winger or kept the money for the summer.

A Partnership Looks Unlikely

Bruno Fernandes is a proper number 10 and if you put him in a deeper role, he will be wasted. On top of that, he might be a liability from a defensive standpoint. You need to use the Portuguese as your most forward-thinking midfielder and that’s where Pogba shines the most too.

The Frenchman can play a slightly deeper role as we saw with his national side in the 2018 World Cup, but that was a different system with three strong forwards and no typical playmaker in the middle of the park.

I don’t think that Fernandes and Pogba work well together, as the Frenchman will have to take a step back and do the dirty work. He’s too good of a player to allow that.

All the Stuff We Already Knew

I won’t bore you with too many details, but you already know that there are many reasons to believe Pogba is leaving. The player seems unhappy, his agent Mino Raiola is constantly talking gibberish and attacking Manchester United in the media, so it doesn’t look good at all.


The Manchester United fans might be hoping for a lethal partnership between Fernandes and Pogba, but I don’t think it will happen, at least not in the long run. If the Frenchman returns from injury, we might see those two on the pitch this season.

That won’t last for long, though, as all signs suggest that Fernandes is here to take the place of Pogba, not join him.

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