Which English Club Could Appoint Mauricio Pochettino in the Near Future?

Mauricio Pochettino's Managing Future

We haven’t heard much about Mauricio Pochettino ever since he was released as a Spurs manager. Many believed that the Argentinian specialist will instantly find a job with so many struggling top clubs across Europe, but he has been away from the sport for a while.

A recent interview for Sky Sports suggests that Pochettino might be interesting in staying in the English Premier League. He obviously likes the time spent with Tottenham and Southampton.

His statements made me think about his potential destinations in the country. Let’s take a look at the different clubs that could try to approach Pochettino.

In theory, Arsenal fit some of the criteria and there were rumours that he might go there before Arteta was appointed. And yet, I don’t think that Pochettino would betray Spurs in such a fashion and the Gunners are not hiring right now either, so I’ve excluded them from the potential suitors.

The other big English team that simply doesn’t work right now is Liverpool. The Reds have Jurgen Klopp who’s arguably the best manager in the world at the moment.

That leaves us with three clubs that could try to get Poch soon.

Manchester United

There’s little doubt that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s job as a manager of Manchester United is shaky. The team has been inconsistent all season long and a place in the top 4 looks impossible right now.

The only realistic way for the Red Devils to qualify for the Champions League goes through the Europa League. They will have to face some stiff competition there, so that’s a tough task as well.

The overall impression is that Ole might be gone in the summer and that would open the door for Pochettino.

Manchester United is a club with a lot of resources, traditions in Europe and England, as well as a squad full of talented youngsters. It’s the ideal environment for Pochettino to build a long-term project and enjoy the results.

To be honest, I won’t be shocked to see the manager end up with the Red Devils this summer.

Manchester City

I would say that Pochettino is a great candidate for Manchester City as well. The big question here is if and when the job will become available. I believe that Pep Guardiola can stay with the club for as long as he wants.

His current contract expires in 2021 and he mentioned that he was open to extending it a couple of months ago.

City’s struggles might force him to change his mind, but even if that’s the case, I still expect him to be in Manchester at least until the summer of 2021. I don’t think that Mauricio Pochettino will wait for so long and there will be many teams willing to sign him.

That’s why I believe that Manchester City is not among the potential destinations, unless Pep shocks everyone with an early exit.


I wondered if I should add Chelsea to the list, but I decided that Lampard’s job might not be as secure as it looks. The team has been far from its best recently and the manager’s inability to get the best out of veterans like Pedro and Giroud is part of the reason.

The overall sensation is that Lampard might not be ready to handle such a big squad and the pressure to fight on several fronts.

Considering Chelsea’s history with managers, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the club icon go if he fails to qualify for the Champions League. The probability is too low, though, with so many of the other contenders underperforming.

Lampard should be able to hold on to the fourth spot and that would be enough to give him another season at the helm.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, I would say that the only realistic option for the upcoming season is for Mauricio Pochettino to join Manchester United. He’s an excellent fit for the club and the Red Devils might need a new manager in the summer.

There is a certain chance to see him in Chelsea or Manchester City, but it’s under very specific circumstances. That’s why I would back Pochettino to either go to United or end up in a top European Club outside of England.

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