Which Teams Will Get Relegated from the English Premier League?

Brighton & Hove Albion, Aston Villa, West Ham United, AFC Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich City Logos

The January transfer window is over and that’s a good reason to explore the relegation candidates in the English Premier League. There are several teams that will be desperately trying to beat the drop, but three of them will ultimately fail.

Based on the current EPL standings, I believe that the clubs currently sitting above the 15th place are safe. Crystal Palace is in the 14th position with 30 points. That’s six more than the bottom three and the team has an excellent defense.

While it’s no impossible for Palace to go down, it’s highly unlikely. The same applies to all teams above them in the table.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the rest, in reversed order.

Norwich City

The season started well for Norwich City. Teemu Pukki was scoring for fun and the Canaries even beat the reigning champions Manchester City. Unfortunately, the defense of the team has been abysmal and this is unacceptable at the highest level.

Norwich currently sits in the last position of the table and the gap to the 17th place is seven points. I don’t think the Canaries can make it, so they are almost certainly going down.


For most of the season so far, Watford was the worst team in the English Premier League. The side wasn’t scoring nearly enough goals and the defense was leaky. It was so bad that the club sacked two managers.

The second change boosted the team’s performance, as Watford won several games after the arrival of Nigel Pearson. For a little while, the side actually climbed out of the bottom three.

However, defeats against Aston Villa and Everton served as a reality check. The loss against the Toffees was especially painful, as Watford was leading 2-0 at its own stadium before surrendering at the death.

The big task ahead of Niger Pearson would be to bring the morale back up. If he fails to restore the squad’s confidence, Watford will likely go down.

West Ham United

The story of West Ham United is similar. The Hammers appointed a new manager recently and the start was good. David Moyes enjoyed a couple of good games, but the team has plenty of problems and they slowly took over.

West Ham hasn’t won a game in a while and many important players suffered injuries. The team still has a chance to survive, but it won’t be easy. Moyes will have to find a way to cope with the missing players somehow.

Aston Villa

There’s only one team that has conceded as many goals as Norwich City and that’s Aston Villa. The team from Birmingham is struggling badly at the back and only the exceptional Jack Grealish on the other end is keeping their hopes alive.

The youngster is one of the best playmakers in the league and produces enough changes for his team to stay competitive somehow.

I’m not sure that would be enough, though, as Aston Villa relies too heavily on only one player. The defense of the team has to improve or the side might return to the Championship.


The endless injury list and the bad signings have put Bournemouth in a tough spot. Eddie Howe had to fill his bench with youngsters on many occasions and painfully watch his team lose game after game this season.

And yet, the side won back-to-back matches recently, including the key clash against Aston Villa. Some of the missing players have returned and the fans are firmly behind the manager.

Unless the injuries continue, Bournemouth has a good chance to survive the battle.


In the middle of the season, it looked unlikely for Brighton to be involved in the relegation scrap. The team then failed to win in five consecutive games, while other sides earned plenty of points.

As a result, the club is now only two points above the danger zone. If Brighton’s form doesn’t improve quickly, the side could very well finish the season in the bottom three of the EPL.


The only team that looks doomed go down right now is Norwich City. The rest of the struggling sides have their chances to survive. Aston Villa’s defense is a major issue, so I think we the club won’t make it. Everything is possible for the rest of the endangered teams and I think we will see a ton of exciting games as a result.

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