Can Liverpool Really Lose the Premier League Title?

Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool Players

Up to a few weeks ago, it looked impossible for Liverpool to lose the English Premier League title. Jurgen Klopp’s men were beating everyone, building a huge gap in the process.

The team was beyond any doubt the best in the Premier League and only had to win two more games to secure the trophy. That’s when the coronavirus struck and the competition got suspended up to early April, at least.

The big question is what happens next. If the tournament somehow continues, there’s little doubt that Liverpool will eventually win the English Premier League title.

But what if it doesn’t? West Ham’s vice-chair Karren Brady already expressed the opinion that the campaign should be null and void in such a scenario. Alan Shearer shared a similar sentiment. This outcome would mean that Liverpool won’t be crowned as the worthy champions of England.

On the surface, this seems like the biggest robbery in the history of the game. We all know that no one was going to stop Klopp and his men. However, I thought about it and I think there’s actually a good argument that this should happen in case the season doesn’t resume.

The Problem

The main reason why giving Liverpool the title can be considered unfair is related to the rest of the league. While few could argue against such a decision, what happens with the battle against relegation and the distribution of the Champions League places?

Common sense tells us that Liverpool would’ve won, but how can you make an exception for the club in such a delicate moment? How can you then go on and tell the teams from the Championship that they won’t get promoted.

How can you decide on the rest of the positions in the league when the teams haven’t even played the same number of games up to this point? I simply don’t see a solution that works for everyone. You either have to make a bunch of clubs unhappy by applying double standards or cancel the season altogether.

There is no middle ground and the fact that Liverpool is not there in theory is enough of an argument that you can’t give them the title.

Final Words

I hope that the English Premier League continues somewhere in April or the governing bodies will be in a horrible spot. They will have to either leave the best team in the world and possibly the strongest one in the history of the competition empty-handed or create immense complications with the rest of the league.

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