The Premier League Suspended Until April 30th, the Season to Be Completed

English Premier League Logo Coronavirus

The English Premier League clubs met today and I’m sure that Liverpool fans have been waiting for this one extra carefully. The team’s title was hanging in the balance, but it seems like the Reds will have the chance to win the trophy after all.

After the meeting, the club decided to further suspend the season until April 30th. I’m not sure that this will be the last time the date is moved back, but everything depends on how the coronavirus pandemic unfolds in the next month or so.

There was no official decision on how to proceed with the 2019-20 season, but no club expressed the desire to void the campaign. Instead, the goal is to find a suitable schedule once the coronavirus crisis is solved.

The league will work in finding a solution to continue the season until all games are played. That could potentially impact the schedule for the 2020-21 campaign, but it seems like the fair decision to all teams involved.

The most important consequence of such a move is that Liverpool won’t lose the title off the pitch. The club will have the chance to finish what it started and earn the necessary points to lift the Premier League trophy for the first time three decades.

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