Where Will Harry Kane Play Next Season?

Harry Kane

I’m sure that most of you saw Harry Kane’s latest interview that suggests he might be leaving Tottenham soon. Long story short, the striker didn’t say he will depart for sure but stated that this is an option if he feels that the club is not developing properly.

Essentially, he left the door open for a transfer and that is understandable. Up to last season, the Spurs looked like a team that’s within touching distance of the biggest trophies under Mauricio Pochettino.

Sure, the Premier League was never going to be a realistic target with Liverpool and City around, but Tottenham played in the UEFA Champions League final for the first time in its history. Almost a year later, Pochettino is gone, the Spurs are in shambles and the club looks miles away from competing at the top.

And since Kane is one of the best strikers in the world, it’s not a shocker that he might be open to a move. That’s why I decided to explore all the potential clubs that the Englishman might be playing for next season.

Tottenham Hotspur

Ok, I know that most of you are here to see other options but I feel obliged to explore this one. A closer look at Kane’s words shows that he did say that he won’t necessarily leave. On top of that, there’s a high level of uncertainty in the football world right now.

We don’t know what will happen with the current season, we have no clear idea what’s going on with the next campaign and Kane himself is still injured. The whole situation is a complete mess and he is under contract, so I won’t be too surprised if the striker stayed for at least one more year.

Manchester United

We already saw links with Manchester United in the past and let’s be honest, the Red Devils have a history of buying stars from Tottenham. Berbatov and Carrick spring to mind almost immediately, so that one is a viable option.

The team is trying to rebuild and doesn’t have an established leader, so Kane might be exactly what Manchester United needs. On the other hand, the club has players like Rashford and Martial, so I don’t think that’s the area where improvement is required.

It’s a tough call and I think that the timing is not exactly perfect for that move to happen.

Other English Clubs?

I honestly don’t see other English clubs that would work at this point. Manchester City has a plethora of attacking players, the same can be said about Liverpool and Chelsea was never linked with Kane.

In theory, nothing is impossible and English players tend to stay in the Premier League, but it simply doesn’t make sense for Kane to join another local club right now.

Real Madrid

We heard some rumors linking Kane to Real Madrid last summer and this certainly is a transfer that could work. The Spanish giants have been lacking goals since Ronaldo left and Kane can deliver. One could argue that he is a better version of Madrid’s current target man Karin Benzema.

He is young, a better scorer and can do everything that the Frenchman does. Kane would be an excellent fit and the kind of marquee signing that is typical for Real Madrid.

As for the player’s ambitions, we’re talking about one of the biggest clubs in the world. He will be fighting for trophies every season and he certainly will win at least a couple if he plays for Real for more than a year or two.


I thought about adding more clubs to this post, but I don’t think there’s a realistic opportunity for Harry Kane to join the likes of Barcelona, PSG, Juventus, or Bayern Munich. They are the only teams that make sense from the player’s perspective and we have no indication that such a move is on the table right now.

If you add the weird situation we are nowadays, I think there are only two options here. Kane will either stay with the Spurs for another year or join Real Madrid.

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