Will UEFA Postpone Euro 2020 Because of the Coronavirus?

UEFA Euro 2020

The coronavirus is spreading around the world and most countries are trying to limit the disease. We already saw a number of sporting and cultural events canceled. More than 15 million people are under quarantine in Italy and Europe as a whole is in a difficult situation.

Many games from the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League were already postponed or played behind closed doors. That begs the question if the European Championship in the summer can follow a similar fate.

Simple Facts about the Competition

The tournaments will start in about 3 months from now, so the fears that the coronavirus might still be around are growing. The number of people who were hit by the disease is growing fast despite the measures of Europe’s biggest countries.

On top of everything else, this will be the first European Championship that will be played in different locations. Euro 2020 features games in a bunch of different countries, so there will be constant movement around the continent.

Containing a group of fans in one place in case there’s an outbreak of the coronavirus will be close to impossible and the disease could skyrocket in a short period of time.

What Else Can UEFA Do?

As it stands, UEFA doesn’t plant to postpone the tournament, but the stance of the governing body might change soon. It would be ridiculous for the competition to take place in empty stadiums and the hosting cities will lose a ton of money if there are no travelling supporters.

In a way, waiting until the last minute could be a huge mistake. I suspect that UEFA will be forced to act and postponing the 2020 European Championship looks almost inevitable.

He big question is what happens next and when can the tournament take place. The summer of 2021 looks like an option and it’s the logical choice for everyone involved.


I think that UEFA is trying to delay a huge decision right now, as the organization will lose a fortune if Euro 2020 doesn’t go as planned. And yet, if the outbreak of the coronavirus is not stopped in the next month or so, I expect the tournament to get postponed.

I’m not a fan of spreading panic, but the whole approach of most countries on the continent and across the globe suggests that no risks will be taken with the coronavirus. Sooner or later, UEFA might be forced to cancel the European Championship.

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