What’s Going on at Barcelona?

Jose Maria Bartomeu Barcelona

Li Liga football may be on hold but there’s definitely something brewing in the Catalan city. Last week, news broke out that six Barcelona directors have quit their positions. They all sent their letters of resignation to club president Jose Maria Bartomeu and it looks like the main reason behind their decision is the now-infamous “Barcagate” scandal.

If you haven’t been following the club during the current hiatus, let me give you a quick rundown of how this all started.

What Is Barcagate?

Bartomeu recently hired a third-party company called I3 Ventures to help with the social media coverage of the club.

However, there were allegations thrown at him that he is using the company as a device to smear the reputation of other presidential candidates and boost his own image. The club president has since labeled this as completely false.

Superstar Lionel Messi has also been asked the question but except for calling the whole situation strange, the Argentinian couldn’t say much more while investigations are still ongoing.

This mess coupled with criticism on how Bartomeu is handling the club’s financial dealing during the crisis has led to vice presidents Enrique Tomas and Emili Rousand’s exits alongside fellow executives Josep Pont, Jordi Clasamiglia, Maria Teixidor, and Silvio Elias.

What Does It Mean for the Future of Barcelona?

This has brought about huge turmoil in the Blaugrana camp and fans don’t know what to make of it all. We still lack enough evidence to make a conclusion but things definitely don’t look too good.

Spanish businessman Victor Font has warned about the possibility of Barcelona going bankrupt. On top of that, auditing giant PWC, who currently handles the club’s financial operations, has chimed in by stating that the fee paid to I3 Ventures exceeds the normal market value of their services.

Also, the players have already had to take a 70% pay cut which adds further fuel to the fire.

There is a lot uncertainty surrounding the whole of European football at this moment but I believe there’s certainly something really crooked going on at Barcelona right now.

Bartomeu has a lot of questions to answer and the dissent among both the players and executives can have a lasting effect going forward.

Given the circumstances, the club president’s days may be numbered and I won’t be too surprised to see some of the marquee players leaving, including Lionel Messi.

The political nature of Barcelona’s presidency has always been a hot topic and it looks like this time it may get them in a really big knot that will be hard to untie.

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