When Will the 2020/2021 Premier League Season Start?

2020/2021 Premier League Season Start

With all the focus being on restarting the Premier League and concluding the 2019/2020, it seems that the Premier League board has been keeping themselves busy with other plans as well.

Some of the most reputable news outlets in England have published rumors that the league’s governing body has agreed on a start date for the 2020/2021 campaign.

I should note that this is not yet official and we will know more when the board conducts its shareholders’ meeting tomorrow but it does seem that there is a firm intention to kickstart the new season in September.

In this post, I present details on their decision and how it impacts the current campaign’s Project Restart operation.

What Have the Premier League Board Decided on the 2020/2021 Season?

The news suggests that the board has agreed on starting the new campaign on September 12th. Of course, nothing is set in stone here as there are a ton of things that need to happen before we can talk about the 2020/2021 campaign.

The governing body has assured clubs and their fans that their main priority remains on Project Restart and finishing the current season but it looks like they are looking ahead as well.

It might look like a bit of a putting the horse in front of the cart situation for some and it is to an extent, but we have to acknowledge the fact that this is a multi-billion pound business and planning for the long term is essential.

We are yet to see how tomorrow’s meeting will pan out but it looks like we are on course to have this news confirmed.

What About the Remainder of the Current Season?

Wow, where to start? The project for resuming the league is still shrouded in mystery not because the league officials aren’t bent on kickstarting the campaign as soon as possible but because we have no idea how it will pan out if further Covid-19 turn out positive.

Each setback will make completing the season harder and even if the start of the 2020/2021 campaign is confirmed for September 12th, there’s no telling whether the current conditions will not render this decision obsolete at some point.

My feeling is that the league is an absolute priority which means that tournaments like the FA Cup may be abandoned as there will most certainly be a lot of fixture congestion which will prove hard to navigate.

Let’s hope we will see a positive conclusion to this saga but I expect that we are just getting started with the obstacles and talking about the new campaign seems a bit premature to be quite honest.

Watch this space as I will most certainly be covering the topic extensively and it will definitely be a bumpy ride until we see our favorite clubs back in action.

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