Should Liverpool Fans Be Excited About a Potential Thiago Alcantara Transfer?

Liverpool Thiago Alcantara

For a few days now, rumours of midfielder Thiago Alcantara joining Liverpool have been picking up speed.

The Spaniard was one of the brightest prospects in the Barcelona academy some years ago before his move to Bayern Munich where he has established himself as a key piece in a team that has dominated the Bundesliga in recent seasons.

On paper, a cut-price deal for such a great talent is a no-brainer but there are a few roadblocks ahead of the move.

In this piece, I share my thoughts on what is the probability for Alcantara to arrive in Liverpool and what he can bring to Jurgen Klopp’s side if the transfer does materialize.

Will Thiago Alcantara Really Move to Liverpool?

It does seem like the player and the Premier League club are in advanced talks over a potential move.

There are reports from credible sources that Thiago has already agreed personal terms with the Merseyside Reds but Bayern Munich may not like what Liverpool are trying to do.

The Bavarians are looking to get at least 36 million pounds for the midfielder, whereas various reposts suggest that Liverpool are ready to only dish out 23.

On top of that, most media outlets are reporting Jurgen Klopp has “agreed to the transfer.

Which, from where I stand, means that the German didn’t necessarily want Alcantara in his squad. Or at least the player isn’t a priority for him.

If we accept that Klopp really feels that way about bringing in the Spaniard, is he right to think that way?

I address this in the next section.

What Can Thiago Alcantara Bring to Klopp’s Side?

Simply put – a lot!

Thiago Alcantara has a natural ability on the ball that is not easy to find. He is a very cerebral player as well and his decision making and ability to control the tempo near the central line and find the killer pass is something to behold.

I always found it odd that Barcelona let him go so easily but this proved to be Bayern Munich’s gain.

Thiago has had his fair share of injury problems, that is true, but when fit he is simply a beast.

Liverpool has been lacking a player of such qualities in the middle of the park for quite some time now.

We have to congratulate Klopp for reaching the heights he has with the Merseyside club without an elite creative midfielder but it does seem like the most obvious area in which his squad needs improvement.

The German has hopes that Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain can fill this void but the Englishman is a lot more explosive than Alcantara and doesn’t possess the same playmaking ability.

Now, of course, there is always the issue of adapting to life in England and playing in the Premier League.

However, there have been no reports that Thiago has found it difficult in Munich and Liverpool is a much similar setting in many regards.

On top of that, I bet that the Spaniard will relish the chance to prove himself in the best domestic league and work under Klopp who is known for making the most out of his players’ talents.

Conclusion and Final Words

There are surely a lot of things that can go wrong with a transfer like this but if I have to answer the question from the title, I will have to say – yes, Liverpool fans should be very excited!

Now, Klopp has found the right balance with his current personnel and every addition is a potential wrecking ball to what he has worked for, I can definitely agree with that.

However, Thiago possesses unique qualities and a deal for him would be a masterstroke, especially if Liverpool do indeed pay less than 40 million pounds for him.

It’s true that the player has had a lot of injuries but if he manages to stay fit, he has every chance of reaching the heights of Manchester city icon David Silva.

And who better to utilize this potential if not Jurgen Klopp.

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